Schematics: A Love Story


The Schematics: A Love Story is a book by Julian Hibbard, a portfolio of black and white diagrams paired with poetic texts. The author narrates a love story within matter through the juxtaposition of drawings and words.
Magnetic fields, a structure of neurons, a lunar orbit, Nikon 35mm f/1.4 camera lens, the magic square, stem and leaf plots, the centripetal force, the space-time continuum. How can a scientific diagram relate to love?

Julian Hibbard divides the book in three acts and starts his narration like this:  I like highwaymen. I like girls. I like petrol bombs. I like calm. I like the life of secret agents. I like walking through wet fields.

The Schematics: A Love Story is a book about the experience of attraction, repulsion and resistance, an attempt to point out love as a force of nature.
The book is published by the Mark Batty Publisher and accompanied by the text Out of Nowhere-an afterword by David LaRocca.