In The Studio #145 Mat Chivers

 the early stages of working through ideas for ‘Root’ in Kappatos Gallery

Mat on the rooftop terrace at the residency space
Giorgios Alexandridis and Vaggelis Hatzis – the two on the left – with colleagues at the restoration workshops where they work on the reconstruction of the Parthenon. They both worked with Mat Chivers on the development of a new work developed during the residency – ‘Dialogic’

Giorgios Alexandridis working on an element of ‘Dialogic’ in his studio space in Dafni

The rest are simply shots of the residency space with ongoing work in development and that jaw-dropping view thats immerses you in a tangible experience of the immensity of Greek history stretching back into time – making everything else in life seem somehow trivial

Mat Chivers is currently based in Athens
 Art Professionals In Athens Residency