UBER-BODIES / Hydra School Projects

curated by Dimitrios Antonitsis
Participating artists:
Heimir Bjorgulfsson, Saint Clair Cemin, Graham Collins, Lovett/Codagnone, Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Martha Dimitropoulou, George Lappas, Andreas Lolis, Christian Heidsieck, Brice Marden, Ioannis Wolfgang Kardamatis and Grigoris Anargyrou.

Duration: 27.06.2014 to 29.09.2014
Opening: Friday 27.06.2014, 20:30

Heimir Bjorgulfsson

Heimir Bjorgulfsson
Heimir Bjorgulfsson
installation view Christian Heidsieck
Lovett Codagnone
Andreas Lolis
Dimitrios Antonitsis
Dionisis Christofilogiannis

Graham Collins 

Graham Collins

Grigoris Anargyrou
George Lappas
Martha Dimitropoulou
imstallation view with George Lappas and Saint Clair Cemin
Saint Clair Cemin

Installation view George Lappas

Ioannis Kardamitis

Curator: Dimitrios Antonitsis
Duration: 27.06.2014 to 29.09.2014
Opening: Friday 27.06.2014, 20:30
“…The contemporary body resembles a flame…
It entwines itself with the public body and
burns with the same heat,
shines with the same light as other body
One day, it will detach itself completely from
the uber-body and vanish…”
(Pierre Lévy, Virtual Reality)
For the 15th consecutive year Dimitrios Antonitsis curates the summer
show at the Hydra School Projects.  This years exhibition is titled Uber-Bodies,
focusing on different takes of contemporary sculpture.
Participating artists:
Heimir Bjorgulfsson,
Saint Clair Cemin, Graham Collins,
Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Martha Dimitropoulou,
George Lappas, Andreas
Christian Heidsieck,
Brice Marden, Ioannis Wolfgang Kardamatis and Grigoris Anargyrou.
The exhibition addresses the transcendence of
form, as this is instantiated within Hydra’s landscape and Grecian light. More
often than not, our mind perceives space and form in its own individual way.
Frequently we attribute this to chance, to the incomprehensible or to the
envisioned. What can be seen is not what really is and maybe that’s the way it
should be. The manifestation of form is simply the critical mass of a feeling.
Quoting the Finish architect and thinker Juhani Pallasmaa “…form only affects our feelings through what
represents…”. True to this
line of thought lie the sculptures of George
Lappas, Saint Clair Cemin and Graham Collins
, created specifically for this
Their way of organizing matter does not really
differ from a system of esoteric communication. Cemin’s Cherub out of
mirrors and fiberglass creates a sensory link between mind and sentiment. Collin’s aluminum/glass/brick temple
being placed at the HSP’ s back yard exudes a melancholic eroticism whereas Lappas’ giant synthetic fur Sketching Crabs brings up an
emancipatory discourse on matter and material (in times when a singing drag
queen, Conchita Wurst, with facial hair can turn the European Song Contest into
a political stage).
Form, as a manmade
intervention to the essence of the already existing object (or even building)
characterizes the works of Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Martha
and also of Heimir
making his first appearance in Greece.
Christofilogiannis ‘tailors” the gate of the Sachtureion
mansion with traditional lace casting his uber-handcrafted abracadabra (in Aramaic: I create as I speak). Martha Dimitropoulou addresses the dichotomy of humility versus
luxury employing dried pine needles to form a crown and a chandelier. Last but
not least  the sculptures of Heimir
tiptoe through fractioned taxydermic balancing acts and
crystal clear sentimentality.
relates to the ancient
Greek concept of the “ideal” in respect to human nature  and the construction of the perfect form:
The artist duo Lovett/Codagnone, creating sadomasochistic accesories out of glass,
revive this/their relationship (absolutely obeying to Leopold von Sacher-
Masoch…) Andreas Lolis, on the
other hand, cheekily deceives his audience, in an attempt to conceal the true
nature of his artworks: The quintisessence of the counterfeit, the marble
imitating cardboard and wooden boxes/objects, harks back to Michalangelo’s
rendering of the divine as something
ungraspable  by the human condition.
As a special treat for the 15th year
anniversary of HSP, Antonitsis creates a wunderkammer
with island treasures from the 50s,60s and 70s under the title Spirits
of Hydra.
The school classroom that welcomes the
section Spirits of Hydra, relates to the sensation of the physical) and its
disembodiment. The motto here goes «out with the intangible, in with the
substantial ».
Christian Heidsieck, Brice Marden, Ioannis
and Grigoris Anargirou all successfully depict the
magic of Hydra with great purity.
Marden, employing an olive leaf, Kardamatis using gold
filaments, Anargyrou through the use of carving pine trunks and Heidsieck
firing clay.
They lead us to another dimension, escaping the mundane and
touching the sublime. An exclamation of virtue and soul. Let it be noted here that Anargyrou knew only to carve
two letters of the alphabet, his initials.
A catalog of the exhibition will be published
in the form of Greek school composition book.
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 11:30 to 13:30 and 19:30 to
Monday closed
T: +306938024554
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