About Sculpture #1 / Lady Fitness

About Sculpture #1: Das MAHO-Programm / curated by Janine Eggert und Johannes Weiss

participating artists: Caroline Bayer, Gabriel Braun, Wolfgang Flad, Janine Eggert,
Stef Heidhues, Erik Niedling, Michael Rockel, Philipp Ricklefs, Johannes Weiss

Lady Fitness
contemporary art space
Stromstr. 11-17, 10551 Berlin

Lady Fitness is pleased to open the new project space in the former Schultheiss brewery
in Moabit by kicking off the exhibition series About Sculpture.
For this presentation entitled Das MAHO – Programm the two artists, Janine Eggert and
Johannes Weiß, who both individually work with sculptures and objects, selected
colleagues whose works could be characterized by a greatly mechanized formal language
or the dealing with objects from the industrially designed urban world.
The exhibition presents works by nine artists: Caroline Bayer, Gabriel Brown, Wolfgang
Flad, Janine Eggert, Stef Heidhues, Erik Niedling, Michael Rockel, Philipp Ricklefs and
Johannes Weiß.
The eponymous MAHO-program is a CNC machine operating system dating already from
the early years of this control technology in the mid-70s while still being used today.
“Computer Control Numerized” powered machine tools are capable of automatically
producing workpieces with high precision and complexity. They surpass mechanically
controlled machines in precision and speed. A manual about the MAHO program and its
benefits for metalworking that was found in the former metal workshop space, in which
Lady Fitness has settled temporarily, became the namesake of the show. As yet for the
artistic engagement with solid geometry and space a projection and sensing of the three
spatial axes is essential, as it is for CNC operated devices.