Benjamin Valenza, Circa Circa, everything must go

Circa Circa, everything must go
November 7 – December 20, 2014

ribordy contemporary
Boulevard d’Yvoy 7b
CH – 1205 Geneva

images credits : Annik Wetter

Benjamin Valenza, Circa Circa, everything must go
Since 2012 Benjamin Valenza is working on a series of poems entitled CIRCA CIRCA, a kind of 
matrix for various situations such as performances, videos and exhibitions. The elements that 
Benjamin Valenza sets in motion can be either sculptures or words: incessant comings and 
goings in the invisible space between objects, ideas and the public; the inbetween is its material. 
His poems derived from performances and readings generate films, performances and sculptures: 
printed texts, vacuum packaged objects, food trays, molded objects, casted in soap, tubular 
structures, cans, postcards, precarious craft and metal megaphone are the landscapes through 
which material Valenza travels …
Benjamin Valenza presents two selections of objects mass produced during performances; these 
sculptures appear in his films or used during his performances.
A program of video performances, all performed by the artist and derived from CIRCA CIRCA, 
including a new production made public at the South London Gallery, in which the artist performs 
text or appear in short burlesque poetic fictions in Sicily and in India.
According to Benjamin Valenza, to relax, to become flexible, it is also expanding its medium. Do 
with, improvising as an actor, manage the chance to be an impostor as the poet. The film unit 
deployed by Valenza is variable and performative : light in fictions, often handheld camera; More 
technological when it comes to account for performance and document. Then, the points of 
views are multiplied and are edited as variations of movements public / performer / objects. Never 
actors are actors but rather a band of collaborators embedded in an experimental adventure.
The second exhibition is constituted as a superimposed machine, like an onion.