Dianna / Molzan Limoz

Dianna Molzan

kaufmann repetto
via di Porta Tenaglia 7, Milano

March 12 – April 20, 2015

Dianna Molzan, “Limoz”, installation view, kaufmann repetto, Milano, 2015
courtesy of the artist and kaufmann repetto, Milano/New York
photocredit: Andrea Rossetti

kaufmann repetto is happy to announce Dianna Molzan’s first exhibition at the gallery.

“Sometimes you’re invited to a big ball and for months you think about how glamorous and exciting it’s going to be.{…} you go to the ball and when you think back on it a couple months later what you remember is maybe the car ride to the ball, you can’t remember the ball at all. {…} I should have been dreaming for months about the car ride to the ball and getting dressed for the car ride, and buying my ticket to Europe so I could take the car ride.”

– Andy Warhol from The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

It’s how you get there – the lead up, not the arrival. There are many delivery and support systems that trump the intended end purpose, that become the essential and lasting part of the experience. Drum roll please. Grand staircase. Back drops. Foreplay. Or another aspect is to say that it is the staging not the stuff that makes something special. What is a Tiffany gift without the blue box? And saving the original box of any collectible is always a good idea, for re-sale value.  If one is into collecting Limoge miniatures you never have to actually put anything inside the lidded boxes, that’s beside  the point. And if you are riding around with friends in a party Limo, why get out?

– Dianna Molzan