Maria Georgoula: Pom pom expedition

Maria Georgoula: Pom pom expedition

Circuits and Currents,
Notara 13 & Tositsa, Exarheia

01.04.15 – 18.04.15

Circuits and Currents have invited the curatorial collective Radical Reading to realise their next project Pom pom expedition at their project space in Exarcheia. Developing further a nomadic curatorial practice focused on the presentation and contextualisation of new work by emerging artists, Radical Reading will be presenting Maria Georgoula’s first solo show in Greece. The exhibition, which will be created in situ, is framed by three reading workshops open to students and the public, led by the artist and the curators of RR, Evangelia Ledaki and Petros Moris.
Understanding the project as a hybrid dialogue between audience and artist, reading and making, presentation and collective working, the workshops will act as a performative devising and stage for Georgoula’s work, while expanding to theoretical issues and interests that preoccupy the individual practices of the artist and the curators. Looking at the poetics of softness, cultural and political interpretations of notions of waste and the abject, as well as the performative aspect of post-fordist forms of labor, each reading will posit a different set of issues and will try to resume a concurrent and/or historical concept which has been operating as a referential point in contemporary thinking and art practice.
Pom pom expedition will explore qualities around the notion of softness anew. Through the material vocabulary of liquidity, elasticity and responsiveness, subjected to continuous process distortions and arrangements, the works point to a firm position of apathy; the very core of the concept of parody.