STOPPING THE SUN IN ITS COURSE at François Ghebaly / Los Angeles

curated by Jesse McKee

Sung-Chih Chen, Barry Doupé, Julia Feyrer, Dick Jewell, Tiziana La Melia, Alex Morrison, Walter Scott, Lucy Stein

François Ghebaly
2245 E Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

July 18 – August 22 2015

Tiziana La Melia
Lucy Stein
Walter Scott
Alex Morrison

Tiziana La Melia
Barry Doupé

Barry Doupé

Dick Jewell
Dick Jewell
Dick Jewell

This is new art, but it stretches deep into time. New skin for an old ceremony.
In conversation, it’s possible I might say this art is grotesque. Other introductions might include: 

repugnant, incongruous, bizarre
irrational, unnatural, brutal
intoxicated and confrontational
as well as erotic, fantastic, and fetishistic 

It is not art for art’s sake. It is art that is very much involved.  It marks a constant struggle to belong together.  It is often an art of  social protest. One might think that this kind of  work is no more than whim and fantasy. Others may find this work an answer to the riddle of  art itself. We will have a couple chances to talk about this, perhaps at the opening on July 18 or during the evening program on July 22. Perhaps the best introduction to the artists and their work is the following …


Barry Doupé, lives and works in Vancouver
Excerpts from an animation that undoes the relationship between a boss and employee, so that we can speak about art, language and expression

Alex Morrison, lives and works between Brussels and Vancouver
A drawing and sculpture about the vanity of small differences between your own taste and others 

Lucy Stein, lives and works in Cornwall
A new series of paintings from her bucolic sea–side studio; Druid, Limpid Cunt Lips… and Polly Tunnel, all 2015

Julia Feyrer lives and works in Vancouver
Body Art costumes and props for a chorus of Sick Muses, as plans towards a forthcoming play

Sung-Chih Chen lives and works in Taipei
A sculpture of deformed components scattered on the floor, read as a script for your own balance

Walter Scott lives and works in Toronto
Comics starring an avatar named Wendy; a girl in the art world caught between bourgeois ambitions and working-class malaise

Tiziana La Melia lives and works in Vancouver
Ten paintings on aluminum shapes that resemble the details of old Italian plates 

Dick Jewell lives and works in London
A film and photo-collage shot at Kinky Gerlinky, between 1990 and 1993—like Fellini’s Satyricon set to House music


Twilight of the Idols

8 pm | July 22, 2015 

An evening with some artists in the exhibition
– A short story read by Tiziana La Melia
– Another film by Dick Jewell – Rave+Breaks, 1992
– A script reading by Julia Feyrer and company
– A performance by Lucy Stein with music by Chiara Giovando