Thirty Shades Of White at Praz-Delavallade / Paris

Pierre ArdouvinRobert BarryLisa BeckOliver BeerFlorian BézuUlla von Brandenburg,Matthew ChambersMartin CreedTrisha DonnellyThomas FougeirolFernanda GomesJulian HoeberShila KhatamiJiri KovandaRodrigo MatheusFabien MérelleJulien NédélecCamila Oliveira FaircloughLaurent PernotAna PrvackiJoe ReihsenRy RocklenAnalia SabanYann SérandourFlorian SchmidtSergio VerasteguiMarnie WeberLawrence WeinerZoe Williams,John Wood & Paul Harrison


F-75003 PARIS

  • 28.11.2015 – 23.01.2016

Images courtesy the artists and Praz-Delavallade Paris
Photo Credit : Rebecca Fanuele

As Stéphane Mallarmé used to say: «Writing consists of putting black on white», and this poetic digression allows me to evoke the colour white, a regal colour that majestically takes centre stage, the chromatic syn- thesis of all the other colours. When considering this exhibition designed to give the artists carte blanche, I thought point blank of a titled, but I won’t say that black is white: perhaps Thirty Shades of White was a rather predictable one. 

Each of the artists (some well-known, others less so) applies his/her own artistic vocabulary and colour aesthetics in a subjective or objective personal journey into the world of shades. Is what we perceive not an illusion, a resonance, an emotional light that the artist endeavours to explore? «We do not create light, we portrait it», said Cézanne. White is a demanding colour. It reflects the light that all the other filter, dispersing it by refraction so the other colours can delight us. White sheds light on art itself; Malevitch, Opalka, Lewitt, Newman, Twombly, Ryman, Reinhardt, Manzoni, Kelly and many others brilliantly made use of this colour. White symbolises the unity that precedes diversity, rites of passage, balance, grace and a moment frozen in time just before disappearance, obliteration, renunciation, abdication and bereavment. 

— René-Julien Praz