DAVE HARDY /  Definitions of plain 
28.01.2016 – 05.03.2016


a level tract of country. 
an extent of level ground or meadowland.
a level expanse of sea or sky. 
an open space on which a battle is fought. 
a level or flat surface, a plane. 
a flat horizontal area. 
a design, a plan. 
plain cloth, a kind of flannel.
a plain knitting stitch. 
an expression of pain, grief, or lamentation; plaint 
free from elevations and depressions 
free from obstructions or interruptions 
of one’s line of sight 
free from roughness or unevenness of surface
open in behavior, guileless, frank 
outspoken, straightforward, blunt 
free from ambiguity, evasion or subterfuge; direct 
ordinary, not outstanding, not distinguished by special qualities or abilities 
simple and unpretentious in dress and manners; unpretentious 
of ordinary appearance; not beautiful or pretty; homely; ugly 
clearly, distinctly, openly
evelly, evenly 
simply, unequivocally, absolutely 
full, plenary, entire, perfect 
full or complete in number or extent 
utter lamentations, give expressions to sorrow 
tell tales, inform against 
emit a plaintive or mournful sound 
say in a querulous voice

 —The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

Creating sculptures out of such materials as sheets of glass, foam, metal, cement, and various
found objects, Dave Hardy composes his sculptures’ seemingly precarious poise as an intentionally
engineered defiance of gravity. Distinguished by a constant shuttle between literal and allegorical
readings, Hardy’s artworks are both resolutely materialist and infused with a human scale and,
more precisely, a human fragility that forces the viewer to confront them as bodies in space. They
are, as Dave Hardy has written, “abandoned monuments pushing up against each other… like
bodies in an abject struggle with gravity and time.”