Keith J. Varadi at Et al. / San Francisco

Miso Soup for the Silicon Soul
Keith J. Varadi

May 21 – June 25, 2016

Et al. | 620 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Et al. presents
Keith J. Varadi Miso Soup for the Silicon Soul

You know what? If you partake in enough conversations nearby a water cooler, the difference between bassinets and bayonets becomes minimally grim. Any word can start a war. Raw and tart, I have a knack for words. Poetry can be profoundly nothing, like a “yeah, but.” But also, while you were talking shit at the mouth pisser, I decided to try to be reasonable. However, as I was once told while weeping on the wet concrete of a caged-in outdoor basketball court: “You can be as rational as you want, Keith. But sometimes things are just irrational.” And it’s like this: One time, I Google-searched how to avoid loneliness and I was directed to a hyperlink for careers at Google. Sometimes I think I really get irony. Other times, I just feel. So anyways, I’m from Pittsburgh, and iron works for steel. “Yeah, but…”

Keith J. Varadi (b. Pittsburgh, 1985) is a Los Angeles-based artist, writer, and curator. Recent solo exhibitions include Cooper Cole (Toronto, Ontario), Night Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Retrospective (Hudson, NY), and Smart Objects (Los Angeles, CA). He has curated numerous international exhibitions, and his writing has appeared in such publications as Art in America, Carla, Kaleidoscope, LEAP, and Spike, among others. He recently released a book of poetry and photography titled LIFE TASK (Maga Books) and a 7″ titled MASK LIFE (Night Gallery).