Irini Miga at Wiener Art Foundation / Vienna


The   . beneath white


Zir­kus­gas­se 38
A-1020 Wien

About to exit.
Basic things on the desk, a laptop and a chair.
The light from the ceiling – white – and it casts a big shadow of my head over the keypad.
charger – not to forget
point A to point B
Pause 2”
Window minimized.
           Nearly finished. 
Eyes fixed on the doorknob.
Tear off the page.
Stand up

Press delete and start anew


Irini Miga (b. 1981, Larissa, Greece) lives and works in New York. 
Miga’s work begins at the point where sculpture touches painterly nuances as an unfolding sketchbook of our everyday reality in physical space. Miga studied art at The Athens School of Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins College, London, and received her MFA from Columbia University, New York (2012). Recent shows include: The Equilibrists, DESTE Foundation and New Museum in collaboration with Benaki Museum, Athens (2016), Frida Smoked, Invisible Exports, New York (2016), Bibelot, Hydra School Projects, Hydra Island, Greece, Immediate Female, Judith Charles Gallery, New York (2015). She was nominated for the 2014 Rema Hort Mann Visual Arts Grant in New York, short-listed for the DESTE Prize in 2011, and received a Fulbright Award in 2010. Irini Miga is currently an Open Sessions participant at The Drawing Center, New York, for the period 2016 and 2017.

*All images courtesy of the artist and Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna