Marriage at Queer Thoughts / NY


Olga Balema, Quintessa Matranga, Lulou Margarine, Guillaume Maraud, Tariq Alvi, Rodrigo Hernández

6.29.16 – 7.31.16

Lulou Margarine

Guillaume Maraud

 Olga Balema
 Quintessa Matranga

 Quintessa Matranga

 Rodrigo Hernandez

 Tariq Alvi

A marriage is an alliance made in summer; an opportune time when vernal buds rupture the bract and unfurl petals towards pollination. A latent strain of violence can mature into a barbaric fecundity at this time of year, spilling acrid liquid on the streets. A wedding attests to the auspices of a union and if it will be a productive one, economically and spiritually, for the partners and the community. There are many weddings throughout the year but it’s always nice to go to one in summer (but if it rains it’s shit). A year ago the United States Supreme Court determined, through an act of negation, that same-sex couples may be married legally, welcoming previously disenfranchised identities into the protection and oversight of the law. Like other ancient technologies, marriage imparts an air of certitude to the unforeseeable future, engendering ostensible strength and control. “Give me your wheat and I’ll give you my corn”.