1.–3. Person singular / plural at Kunstverein Leipzig

1.–3. Person singular / plural   – Curated by Anna Voswinckel

ich, du, er/sie/es
23. Juli – 11. August 2016 

wir, ihr, sie
20. August – 6. September 2016


Contributing artists:

Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Peggy Buth, Kerstin Cmelka, Pauline Izumi Colin, Simone Gilges, Olaf Habelmann, Nina Hoffmann, Kerstin Honeit, Liz Johnson-Artur, Judith Hopf, Nico Ihlein, Annette Kelm, Heinz-Peter Knes, Jonas Lipps, Kristin Loschert, Markues, Birgit Megerle, Michaela Meise, Henrike Naumann, Barbara Proschak, Josephine Pryde, Sabine Reinfeld, Ulla Rossek, Jana Schulz, Silke Schwarz, Heji Shin, Su-Ran Sichling, Anna Voswinckel, Suse Weber

Kunstverein Leipzig 

KV — Verein für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig e.V. 
Kolonnadenstraße 6, D-04109 Leipzig

23. Juli – 6. September 2016

Heji Shin, Annette Kelm, Judith Hopf

Annette Kelm

 Heji Shin

Judith Hopf

Josephine Pryde

Kerstin Cmelka

 Simone Gilges, Pauline Izumi ColinHeji Shin

Simone Gilges

Anna Voswinckel, Kristin Loschert, Birgit MegerleSimone Gilges
Anna Voswinckel

Anna Voswinckel

Birgit Megerle

Nina Hoffmann, Kristin Loschert, Pauline Izumi Colin,Heji Shin

Kristin Loschert

Birgit Megerle

Heinz-Peter KnesAnna VoswinckelBirgit Megerle

 Birgit Megerle

Heinz-Peter Knes

Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Nico Ihlein, Michaela Meise, Sabine Reinfeld, Jonas Lipps, Barbara Proschak

Jonas Lipps

 Sabine Reinfeld

 Michaela Meise

 Pauline Izumi Colin

Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Nico Ihlein

 Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz

Olaf Habelmann,Barbara Proschak, Suse Weber

Olaf Habelmann

Olaf Habelmann, Markues

Suse Weber, Peggy Buth

Peggy Buth

Suse Weber, Peggy Buth


Ulla Rossek, Su-Ran Sichling

Ulla Rossek

Liz Johnson Artur

 Silke Schwarz, Annette Kelm

Annette Kelm

Silke Schwarz, Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit

Kerstin Honeit

Naumann, Buth

Henrike Naumann

 Henrike Naumann

Henrike Naumann

Henrike Naumann

Jana Schulz

All photos are by Barbara Proschak

The group show 1.–3. Person singular / plural brings together contemporary artworks that deal with questions of identity and (inter)subjectivity. The grammatical form alludes to the impact of norms and attributions on the individual. The artworks in the show are linked to the personal pronouns in order to focus on related topics such as self-image, desire, gender and community.

One aim of the exhibition 1.–3. Person singular: ich, du, er/sie/es is to display non-normative identities, and to blur the borders between the self and the other, between different genders, between human and non-human. Intersubjectivity to that effect is visualized by means of curatorial settings and juxtapositions.
The second part of the exhibition, 1.-3. Person plural: wir, ihr, sie is dealing with questions of identity and socialization. Family, community rituals, visual practices of affiliation and othering are being examined. The works on display are characterized by a search for breakups and bordercrossings, and a practice  of participant observation and artistic research.