Diego Delas at Trastero 109 / Palma de Mallorca


solo show by Diego Delas 

Palma de Mallorca 

curated by João Laia

field recordings by Alan Lomax in the Ballearic Islands 

A SUMMER GAME INSIDE A LIGHT STAGE proposes a dialogue between abstract colourful compositions made of fabric and small objects moulded out of unfired clay. Drawing from a number of references loosely connected to Mallorca such as the Spanish National Catalogue of Patrimony (Catalogo Nacional de Patrimonio), Renzo Mongiardino’s interior design, the Hearst Castle in California and Alan Lomax’s field recordings in the Balearic islands, Diego Delas playfully teases the fictional and magical layers of historical narratives. The work expresses an understanding of memory as a present reconfiguration of the past and references the medieval methodology of using the representation of space as a mnemonic aid. History is transformed into a pictorial constellation of symbols and shadows alluding to different characters, events and periods. The distinct clay and fabric elements hang in mid air echoing their fluid meanings or maybe pointing to their self-sufficient existence. 

Trastero 109 is an artist run space located in a private courtyard that hosts one-day collaborative presentations by artists and curators. 

all images: Diego Delas A SUMMER GAME INSIDE A LIGHT STAGE photos by Leo Serrano courtesy of the artist and F2 Galería