Invitation to the former East German border guard tower at Schlesischer Busch / Berlin

Invitation to the former East German border guard tower at Schlesischer Busch for a conversation on: “What does property mean and why is it important to whom? Would temporary possession be a better solution and could it replace property alltogether? What kind of things don’t belong to anyone and what happens with them?”
A brief explanation of the distinction between property/ownership and possession:

Property is the legal physical control over something, possession, however, the purely factual. The one in possession does not need to be the owner. Ownership constitutes a legal position to a particular case, one speaks in this context of a so-called rule of lawOn the question of who possesses the property, it does not matter whether the actual rule was justified or obtained without authorization.

The legal physical control is guaranteed by the sovereign, that is, without a sovereign there is no property. How does the owner define the use of the property? In the case of the former border tower the change of the sovereign, led to changes of the purpose. The conversion into an artistic use was initiated through squatting in 1990. To what extent and by what means, can things and places be separated from their ownership structure? Which places and things are suitable? 
In collaboration with The Watch, the Residencyprogramm at the watchtower Schlesischer Busch of Flutgraben e.V., I will deal with these and similar questions and will record talks about these concerns.

Visitors are invited for conversations in the tower from Tue, august 16.-Sat 20. and Thu august 25.-Sun 28. from 3-7 pm

With kind regards Jennifer Bennett