fAN presents:
Antoine Donzeaud (FR), Johanna Guggenberger (AT), Stelios Karamanolis (GR / DE), Melanie McLain (USA), Irini Miga (GR / USA), Tula Plumi (GR / DE), Pascual Sisto (ES / USA), Yorgos Stamkopoulos (GR / DE), Maja Vukoje (AT)
curated by: Daily Lazy
PARALLEL VIENNA 2016 / SEPTEMBER 21 – 25, 2016
Dominikanerbastei 11
1010 Vienna

 Johanna Guggenberger 
gebettete liegewaise / bedded recumbently wise fabric, felt pen, metal, styrofoam pellets, thread 2016

Johanna Guggenberger
 wo das haupt liegt der rest / where the head lies the rest, aquarel, concrete, fabric, marker, metal, thread 2016

 Irini Miga
 Fall, glazed ceramic, 231.5 cm​, 2016

 Tula Plumi
 Not yet titled, 2016, phtograph, 30x40cm

 Pascual Sisto
 Daisy​, ​video: 7min looped, ​2016

 Yorgos Stamkopoulos
 Untitled 2016, Acrylic and Spray on Canvas, 40x50cm

 Stelios Karamanolis
 Untitled 2016, acrylic and pencils on canvas, 40x42cm

 Antoine Donzeaud
Upside Down Peter, 2016, oil on polypropylene bag, Variable dimensions, (flat 96 x 56 cm) / Smoker, 2016, oil and spray on polypropylene bag

 Melanie McLain
 Prepersonal, ​Wood, silicone, latex paint, iPad, and headphones, Video: 6min looped with binaural audio,2016

Maja Vukoje
 (Polster_GVSW) 2015, acrylic on burlap, 70x70cm,Courtesy Galerie Martin Janda, Photo Roland Krauss

 Irini Miga 
 Für Elise – played by memory​, ink fingerprints on wall from the Beethoven piece
Für Elise (piano version) played by memory by a pianist​, ​2016

 Irini Miga 

 Irini Miga
 Resting Points, ​hand-sculpted and glazed ceramic, wire, brass​,dimensions variable, 2016

It is 2:56 am, and he
still has trouble sleeping. He turns the light on and picks up the book that
lies by his nightstand. He opens it to page 56.
He always believed
that accidents are somehow destiny in disguise.
The question of the
previous day still twirls in his head.
He stands up and walks
towards the fridge. He realizes that the distance from his bed to the fridge is
28 steps – that equals 56 steps from his bed to the fridge and back.
He always worked too
much. Too much that he never had time to think of himself as a distinct entity.
Yesterday, the girl at
the gas station asked him if he is free on Friday.
Free on Friday?
Today is Wednesday,
which is two days away from Friday.
If he could be with
the girl in bed that would make it one + one = two.
He looks again at the
clock that sits on top of his nightstand.
The time is 2:56 am.
That is what he does
when he has time.
– Irini

is a nonprofit exhibition space in the center of Vienna, Austria, that was
founded by Ute Burkhardt, Markus Bodenwinkler and Amer Abbas in 2014. fAN
organizes exhibitions and interdisciplinary projects focused on the
re-imagining of Art in the social context and the vision of contemporary urban

Daily Lazy is an artist collective and
independently run blog that formed in 2011. With a complete focus on the artist
and their work, Daily Lazy is an alternative platform that showcases new art
through presentations of exhibitions, artworks and documentations of studios
from around the world.
Daily Lazy is currently based in
Berlin, New York and Athens.
Editors: Stelios Karamanolis, Irini
Miga, Tula Plumi and Yorgos Stamkopoulos

Parallel Vienna is taking place for the fourth time
in Vienna and remains true to its principle of using abandoned property in the
city centre as a presentation platform for new and established art. The
Parallel Vienna curator team chooses galleries, artists and curators and
additionally invites project spaces which fit into the overall concept.
Parallel Vienna therefore combines streams of Viennese artistic creation with
international trends and contributes to the active networking of young creative
people by establishing a professional platform for them in the extensive space
of the Alte Post.