Emily Jones at Almanac Inn / Turin

Emily Jones, Echolocation

28 October – 10 December 2016

Almanac Inn
Via Reggio 13, Turin

Courtesy of the artist
and Almanac, London/Turin
Photo: Alice Guarini

Almanac Inn is thrilled to present Echolocation, a solo exhibition by
London-based artist Emily Jones, coinciding with the opening of the new space
in Via Reggio 13, Turin.
delineates a cosmological vision, a communal self-reflection, which aims to
locate our position and relation in a shared space – the land of the present. A
hybrid landscape is defined by resonances of a multiple body, tracing the paths
of the mobilization of affects and memories. Incomplete or transformed, as
Echo’s voice, condemned to be multiple but unrecognized, and her body turned
into stone.
Reverberations delineate an entity
through the contact with its surroundings. Their resonances perform the
multiplicity of a fragmented body. Constructed by social and cultural
connections and contaminations, its hybrid nature circulates through global and
local hierarchies, tracing emotional histories and geographies. The
intersections of individual and collective voices constitute the terrain where
experience and consciousness take on material, spatial and spiritual form

where a struggle for recognition and visibility defines the constitution of a
coherent “self”.
Questioning the western notion which
places the self in the body, Echolocation
explores how language and rituals, in a religious or shamanic state of being,
can redefine contemporary modes of identitarian representation within conflicts
and movements between the individual and the collective.