Phillip Zach at Freedman Fitzpatrick / Los Angeles

Phillip Zach / Der Wurm als Wille und Vorstellung

Nov 13—Dec 23 2016
Freedman Fitzpatrick 
6051 Hollywood Blvd, #107
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tendency rolls in permutations. Crawling forward in simple cellular arrangements, worms do movement. In Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung (The World as Will and Representation), Schopenhauer said, to see beauty in still life is to quiet your insatiable will, will to more, will to suffering. Digital nomads bridge the distance without moving a body, yet bare the brunt of all Vorstellunghas to offer. The fantasy, the performance, the power of imagination redux via memory and fantasy from yes, now, yesterday, kinda five minutes ago. Is potential always positive?
Parasites tease the in-betweens. Inching forward isn’t mono-directional. Charged, autocatalytic expansion disarms linear directives. Penetrating pores, is this an opportunity or a landmine of opportunists? Imitation games grow intimate with the host. Survival is a loophole where trolls get trolled. Parasites diary penetrating gasps of consumption.
Petri dish portraits of hermaphrodites. Primordial theater, press play. The mind is expanding. Contoured cheeks and spongey tattooed flesh. Beat that face. Sea-sponge counter tangerine dreams. Tints color decisions. Living in one’s own bubble. Romantic colors aren’t always kind.
Frames designate a portal filled with plasticized air. A controlled area without a definitive outcome. Speculation inflates. Do bubbles burst in those few chance moments before hardening into a surface? Voyeurs peek and peak with desire. Absorb the physical shock, this is a cushion in disguise. Material control is severed. Decisions are fast. Chance is key. There is no going back.