Skins at Ellis King / Dublin

Leda Bourgogne | Heidi Bucher | Jacky Connolly | Jessica Diamond | Louis Eisner | Lali Foster | Joseph Geagan | Ross Iannatti | Anne Imhof | Yoan Mudry | Katja Novitskova | Lydia Ourahmane | Michael Ross | Emily Ludwig Shaffer | Anina Troesch | Franz West | Zoe Williams

11th Nov – 17th Dec 2016

Ellis King
unit 7, white swan
donore avenue
dublin 8, ireland

 Heidi Bucher 

Yoan Mudry 

Yoan Mudry

 Emily Ludwig Shaffer 

Zoe Williams

Anina Troesch 

Leda Bourgogne 

 Joseph Geagan 

Ross Iannatti 

Louis Eisner 

 Katja Novitskova

Lydia Ourahmane 

Franz West

Jacky Connolly 

Lali Foster

Michael Ross

Ellis King is delighted to present Skins – a group exhibition
exploring the phenomena of tactility.  The show aims to acknowledge formal
attributes in art and the effect it has on the onlooker; their reactions
and subsequent interpretations. 

‘Skin’ can imply a range of dichotomies:
organic or contrived, protective or penetrable, idiosyncrasies visible in many
of the works shown. It can also be seductive, and due to the palpable nature of
the artworks the spectator may be coerced to touch. Yet, in this context and environment,
they must fight the inclination to do so.
In many cases touch is necessary – to touch is often to know. Here, touch is
met with condemnation; a slap on the wrist, or more appropriate form of

‘Skin’, by disposition, does not solely
provide a façade; it absorbs and consumes. Much like the viewer at the
exhibition, who is forced to articulate their visceral experiences into
intangible thought. 

So when approach is limited, how well do
we manage our constraint? Accept the limitation or try desperately to subdue
the desire for further exploration? 
Give them an inch, they say. 
Yet, on the contrary, when we are met with the exposed
do we become roused or avert our senses to the benign?