Lito Kattou at clearview / London

Lito Kattou

Fighting with the Sun

28.01.2017 – 05.02.2017


At the core of Lito Kattou’s practice are sculptures. The sculptures she produces often seem to be relics while acting as potential weapons or armours, whether they are made out of metal or textiles. For Fighting with the Sun, the artist places four thrones at the center of the space. Their surface show the scars of events involving a non-human intervention. During the opening, four dancers wearing clothes designed by the artist execute gestures that want to capture the past of those scares while embodying their possible histories. The performance is both a hunt trying to catch the texture of ancient times and an attempt to hide from the ennemy the sun? behind the skin of the ruins. Lito Kattou, finally, closes the opening act by the reading of one of her text. To the rhythm of the soundtrack, fading, the remnants of the performance – the tracksuits, the coat and the text – start inhabiting the space.
Maria Ghoumrassi, Danai Pappa, Saskia Selwood. Melissa Sirol