Valerio Nicolai at Clima / Milan

Valerio Nicolai

Processo a porcospino
February 8-March 17, 2017

MILAN 20129

The porcupine process is a graphic scheme used by Nicolai to develop his work.
It starts from a point, “the moment, the now”, and it spreads hedgehog-like through perpendicular and oblique lines.
The lines are the possibilities, every line is composed by points “instants” that are themselves the beginning of more “possibility” lines.
This scheme foresee an infinite porcupine where the itinerary is outlined by possibilities. This means that the artist can change his way all of a sudden, in a real or imaginary journey, but it especially means the condition of always having the opportunity to create a perpendicular passage.
In this way the method is not only vast, it can also be deep. The porcupine process allows Nicolai to go deep inside the objects and find another world, draw near distant situations, travel unbalanced, changing anytime.
The “infinite porcupine” is the place where all of that is permitted.

Valerio Nicolai (b. 1988 in Gorizia, Italy) lives and works in Venice.
Recent exhibitions: Gala, Nicolai, Kvas – N + G / K, A plus A Gallery, Venice; Trasformazione permanente di un mago in formica, Treti Galaxie, Turin; Open Studio, VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Milan; Shit and die, Palazzo Cavour, Turin; Walking with Art, Spazio  Monotono, Vicenza; Project wall, Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea, Palermo; Lo sbocco romantico, Valerio Nicolai / Thomas Braida, Furini Arte Contemporanea, Rome; Padiglione Crepaccio at, Venice; Falansterio, Spazio Morris, Milan; Difetto come indizio del desiderio, Galleria Neon, Bologna. Winner of the atelier contest, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice.