YARISAL & KUBLITZ at Laurent Godin / Paris


18.03.2017 – 06.05.2017 

Laurent Godin
Galerie I
5, rue du grenier Saint-Lazare
75003, Paris – FR

Hi, this is Yarisal & Kublitz, welcome to
our next guided meditation, Will you
still know me tomorrow
? In this session, we will focus on the themes of our
relationships—of loss and belonging. Today we will reflect on
the rituals of mourning and connectivity. We ask
you to pay special attention to your being present.
Level 1
Take a deep breath, it’s time to unplug,
tune in
: you’re
on a mission,
led by intuition, you should listen
Settle in, and let’s get started. We would like
you to become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the
triggers that engage them. By “unplug” we suggest an
selective, graceful process of disconnecting—physically, mentally, and
digitally. By
“tune in” we mean to interact harmoniously
with the world around you.
Level 2
Now you are ready to Mega evolve. Remember,
there is no right or wrong way to do this. To“mega evolve” means to come forth
gradually into being, to seek a discovery of one’s singularity, and a
commitment to choice and change.
Now, take
a breath, close your eyes, let your mind wander:  you will travel across the land, searching
far and wide, for you to understand, the power that’s inside
Before you stands a portal, shaped in the form
of an iPhone gadget called the Perfect Aim Pokemon Go Case.  The case
is the perfect hack for leveling up faster
through simply fine-tuning Pokeball physics. The door, like the case, will set
you straight. The portal marks the process of detachment from involuntary or
unconscious commitments, and unlocks the power inside.
Bring your mind back to the
moment—the golden now—follow the light, and part the curtains before you. Break
on through to the other side
Level 3
You are on the right path. You will find your
mantra for today’s session in the text, A Visit to the Goon Squad,
preserved in the glass vitrine straight ahead. 

“’Oh we’ll know each other for forever,’ Bix said. ‘The days of losing
touch are almost gone.’
‘What does that mean?’ Drew asks.
‘We’re going to meet again in a different place,’ Bix said. ‘Everyone we’ve
lost, we’ll find. Or they’ll find us.’”
Level 4
you have reached level 4. In this exercise, we will
the themes of isolation, belonging and memory through investigating the
consequences and curiosities of our increasingly connected, yet ever more
physically disconnected lives.
We want you to pay special
attention to the people who have intentionally or unintentionally entered or
exited your life, with their physical or digital presence. Notice if there’s
any strong sensations in your body or mind. Now, if the sensations are
comfortable, and they feel pleasant, then that’s fine, obviously, but if they
are uncomfortable in any way, what we’d like you to do is to notice what
happens when you give up trying to change or resist that tension.
But for
now, to begin with, get yourself comfortable. Sit on the bench in front of you,
let the familiar blue light wash over you. Now open your eyes, observe the
Facebook Memorial before you, be aware of each stone, grounded and earthly, each
USB stick, each plaque. Feel yourself rooted to the floor. Now, if you like,
you can take a closer look. Maintain your focus. Each of these names could have
been a loved one, or a stranger met in passing. Now take another long slow
Each of
the USB sticks before you contain the Facebook profile of the person listed on
the plaque. Their data is preserved in this memorial, a wall of lost
connections. It also functions as a time capsule, sealing the history of their
interactions and final moments before they logged off forever. Are you still
with us? Good. Imagine, in 50 years, they will be reopened. Now, reconnect to
your breath. What would your USB stick contain? What  would your self-curated profile reveal? 
Breath. You
are calm. Your heart is open. You are connected. Ask yourself,
Is this a lasting treasure, or just a moment’s pleasure?
Level 5

Slowly descend the stairs. Here, on level 5, directly before you, you
will encounter Sweet Dreams Queen B. Take a humble bow. On level 4, we asked
you to go inward, to reflect on your place in the eternal flux. Here on level
5, the goal is an awakening to your role in this cosmic order. Are you ready? Now
let’s get in formation. Prove to me you got some coordination.
Focus your mind on the pyramid, a shrine to the dual nature of community,
the delicate balance struck between the collective conscious and the self. Thick
with honey, nestled within the velvet hexagon, is the queen bee’s final resting
place. It is both shrine and reliquary, a small, glowing temple to a species in
decline directly linked to our own eternal cycle of life. The queen bee is
immortalized, embalmed in the material of her own creation, like the Egyptian
gods before her—a mother, worshiped and protected by her followers.
Take a moment and zoom out. Now meditate on your contribution.
Level 6
You have reached the final level,
level 6. You are now completely awakened.
You feel infinite, weightless, timeless. Through you flows the energy of the
entire universe.
God may be in the details, but the
goddess is in connections
. Look before you, No need to kneel it’s just the
eternal wheel—another sacred hexagon, a final guide on your path to
enlightenment.  In this session, you have
traveled along an arc, from digital loss to earthly connection. Now we return
to the body.  Look at the legs, parted at
the very source of your journey; look at the hair, sprung from this source,
braided together from the radiant flow of our many meetings.
Allow images to form in your mind,
and allow your sensations to move with the rhythm of each breath.

Now use your inner voice, and repeat ‘I am without beginning or ending.
I am eternal. My consciousness is not bound by time or space. Like the universe
itself, I am limitless. I am part of a vast, unified wholeness. Will you still
know me tomorrow?’