Emma LaMorte at Ashley / Berlin

Emma LaMorte / Kyñe Elementary

June 23 – July 7, 2017

Oranienstrasse 37
10999 Berlin







A. Mamma
Kyñe teaches that images are like actors on the stage of history. They form a
history that parallels and participates in the fictions we tell ourselves about
ourselves. (Cognitive dissonance)
Petrie Kyñe stained his sheets with dreams of dinosaurs. He learned that the
fears that woke him were formed a hundred thousand years ago and that where he
came from was not exactly where he thought.
C. Sibr
Kyñe was so involved in a fantasy that it seemed real. Through a process of
self-hypnosis she become dissociated from her own reflection. (Innocence) 
D. Karbt
Kyñe met St. Francis of Assisi in the valley of La Verna and he learned folk
art comes from hallucinations of nature.

Emma LaMorte (b. 1984 Vancouver,
Canada) currently lives and works in Berlin. She received her BFA at Emily Carr
University of Art, Vancouver, CA and her MFA at the Royal Institute of Art,
Stockholm, SE. Recent exhibitions include 7 Veils, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, SE; Internal Climates, Sunset Terrace,
Vancouver, CA; Cruising (curated
by Daniel Iinati), Mariella Viking Line, Stockholm SE; Period Pieces, Projet Pangée,
Montreal, CA. ‘Kyñe Elementary’ is her first solo show in Germany.