Medusa Rafting at Westbahnstraße 7 / Vienna

Medusa Rafting / Organized by Yves-Michele Saß and Ivan Pérard

Aline Sofie Rainer, Ivan Pérard, Jana Zaharijević, Max Kolten, Yngvild Sæter

29.07. – 31.07.2017

Westbahnstraße 7, Vienna

Yngvild Sæter, Rex, Bike helmets, resin and lacquer

Yngvild Sæter, D’arce choke, plaster, resin, iron and martial art headgear

Aline Sofie Rainer, Illusion of Permanence, Pencil, Ink on Paper, Wood, Rice paper, Passe-partout

Aline Sofie Rainer, Stalker, Pencil, Ink on Paper, Wood, Rice paper, Passe-partout

Jana Zaharijević, Lack of Title, Fabrics with Handwritten Text

Max Kolten, HSP-Hardcore I, Laser Engraving on Cardboard, Plexiglas, Polystyrol

Ivan Pérard, Waterbored, Ink, Lacquer & Solvents on Thermoshaped with Acrylic Foam Core

Ivan Pérard, Europhoria, Ink, Lacquer & Solvents on Thermoshaped Polystyrol with Drink Mixer

This show can be read as a kind reminder to something you already knew. Brick walls versus white surfaces. Experiencing the warmth of chilled drinks in the green summer courtyard upstairs, before the cold and moist atmosphere below. Unfortunately we won’t find a room with something final when going down the basement of our minds, we find malleable opposites.

One can easily point out a dichotomy in the title, it all turns to water and dust. The grim symbol of Medusa, the greek myth about the Gorgon, that could turn men into stones with her gaze. Contrasting with the rather pleasant activity of rafting, where real danger is invoked using helmets and swimming wests. It would be horrible if we got hurt, doing things for pleasure. Our eyes remembers Gericault and the cruel story behind the Raft of the Medusa, our minds are still working on what it meant.