Lilli Thießen at wellwellwell / Vienna

Lilli Thießen at wellwellwell Vienna

invited by Noushin Redjaian 
“Good Bye Horses”
13th of September – 7th of October 2017 

bluejeans from Lilli Thiessen on Vimeo.

Viv is combing her hair with the cast iron brush in front of the mirror. She looks at herself in the reflection. Her bags are packed. She rolls one of the big fluffy bath towels and puts it over her luggage.The gold and silver wallpaper shines bright in the summer daylight, the back of her hand glides over stacks of envelopes as she steps out on the balcony.
She blinks as the sun enters her eyes, rests her arms on the balustrade and looks down to the endless pool area with all its yellow umbrellas. She watches as Horses pushes over her drink reaching for her hat, orders the waiter to bring her another one and goes back to reading. Viv shakes her head smiling, puts her cigarette out in the half eaten club sandwich, grabs her bags and the towel and leaves the room.
Horses is eating paper snippets out of a ceramic bowl by the pool. Small drops of peanut dip on the glass table. Viv sits down on one of the yellow beds across from her and hands her a few flowers she´s picked out in the lobby.
V >> I made this for you, you should keep it. <<
H >> Is this the moment? <<
V >> Yeah, I came back to leave. <<
Horses puts her chop sticks down and swallows. She watches Viv cramming the towel into her bag.
V >> I just feel like it needs some help, so I´m gonna give it a new task. <<
H >> What, you running after money now? I met this girl last night, she was selling mussels at the market thing, she left too. What is going on? <<
V >> Look, the only thing I know is that if there wasn’t a problem I could spend my time with those glossy rubber balls that shine all the way to the universe, but i don´t, because they don´t really have a problem. <<
H >> You can´t leave me like this, please stay, have some paper it´s delicious! <<
V >> Thank you love, i´m good. I … will go now, I want to catch the 4pm ferry. <<
Viv kisses her on the cheek and starts leaving.
H >> Viv? <<
Viv stops and turns around.
H >> Can you forgive me? <<
V >> You know that I forgive you, I´m already taking care of myself. Good Bye Horses. <<
H >> Write when you arrive. <<
V >> Of course I will. <<
They smile at each other. Viv walks out as Horses lays down, wraps a towel around her mane and orders another drink.

Yael Salomonowitz

*Fotos by Martin Bilinovac