Stefania Batoeva at Almanac Inn / Turin


Total Devotion

27 October—09 December

Almanac Inn

via Reggio 13

10153 Turin

 Images courtesy the artist and Almanac Inn
Photos by Sebastiano

INN presents Total Devotion, the first solo exhibition in Italy by London-based
Bulgarian artist Stefania Batoeva.

newly produced paintings in the show continue a body of work where subjects are
about to lose their symbolic and figurative consistency. Forms collapse,
implying, rather than defining, a moment in which an imagery is solidified.
Floating bodies, molecules, fragments stratify, finding their balance in an
internal logic of repetitions and deviations. The linearity of a narrative is
broken into circularity and movements between temporalities and worlds.
Boundaries between bodies are lost, dissolved in projections and layering. The
space is defined by reshuffling and unstable surfaces, projecting forms and
figures — fields on the edge of becoming landscapes. Feelings emerge in between
these concurrent scenes, where euphoria of new reconfigurations and desire
inform the image.