Diango Hernandez at Van Horn / Düsseldorf

Diango Hernandez
Amor Amor

17 Nov 2017 – 13 Jan 2018

Van Horn
Ackerstr 99
D-40233 Düsseldorf

Images courtesy the artist and Van Horn
Photos: Anne Pöhlmann
Over 5000 letters and they all start with My dear son.

Havana 21st August 2010

My dear son,

Today I went to the market and bought mangoes. It is August and as you know this month brings the most wonderful fruits. I immediately arranged them on the kitchen table; the entire house is perfumed with their sweet aroma. Of course I thought of you; I know you are here with me…

Havana 26th January 2014

My dear son,

Yesterday I went to see the National Symphony Orchestra. The entire program was dedicated to German classics. It was wonderful but there was no air conditioning in the theatre and the musicians were sweating up a storm. I imagine you would have enjoyed this particular contradiction. Maybe Bach never sweated that much in his entire life, ha ha ha…

Over 5000 letters and they all end with I love you so much.

The number 5 on my list of least used words in contemporary art is ‘love’. Believe it or not these days love is not really in vogue, hip or cool. I have looked repeatedly in museums, galleries and all sorts of exhibitions and rarely I saw or heard it used. How could that have happened? Who took it away from art? Have we all forgotten the primary reason why we make and exhibit art?

“I had long worried that I was incapable of having a profound experience of art and I had trouble believing that anyone had, at least anyone I knew.”[1] Ben Lerner opens his book Leaving The Atocha Station asking himself, Are we able today of experiencing art profoundly? I believe that truly profound experiences are triggered by love. In the room 58 of the Museo del Prado a man suddenly broke into tears. In that moment our hearts began to sync.

Havana 5th March 2011

…I am so excited, finally tomorrow. I’ll have you here with me! I am preparing everything, cleaning the house, cooking the things you like. It’s still all a bit messy, but tomorrow it’ll all be perfect. This time I also have a little present for you. Don’t forget to call me right after landing!!! I am dreaming already of tomorrow.

I love you so much

Havana 21st December 2004

…I’ll always cherish that day we spent together in Santa María del Mar, walking along the beach, looking at rocks, laughing everything away. Forgetting that a day like today you are there and I am here. Take lots of care!

I love you so much

Diango Hernández

Düsseldorf, October 2017