For all intensive purposes at Syndicate at Aspect/Ratio / Chicago

For all intensive purposes
Irene de Andrés, Amy Garofano, Rehana Zaman 
5 January – 17 February
Syndicate at Aspect/Ratio
864 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

An exhibition featuring three international artists sharing a sustained, visual resistance to male, Christian, and Eurocentric hegemony as related to the invention of the West. Their work reconfigures imposed socioeconomic or religious practices that serve an unbroken narrative of human progress: a manufactured concept bridging classical antiquity to contemporary nationhood, then authenticating it as the exclusive province of a small subset within its composite citizenry.
While any presentation on this subject bears evident limitations, the dialogue amongst these positions – on the colonial invasion of America, Islam’s foundational place in European culture, the legacy of decorative arts, and the complex social structures governing an infamous open-air market – may help calibrate our understanding of history to come.
‘If western culture were real, we wouldn’t spend so much time talking it up.’
– Kwame Appiah, BBC Reith Lecture on Culture, 2017