Daniel Lie at Casa Triângulo / São Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Lie / Children of the End

03 February – 24 March 2018

Casa Triângulo

Rua Estados Unidos 1324
São Paulo, Brazil

2018 is
the year of Casa Triângulo’s 30th anniversary, and its
commemorative exhibitions season opens with the second show by young
artist Daniel Lie at the gallery, happening in the week previous to
Carnival and during Lent.

Filhxs do Fim [Children of the End], the show presents a large
installation which occupies the gallery’s main room. The work is
built with a combination of natural elements that accentuate the
passage of time through their natural cycles. Plants, seeds and dirt
create the structure which allows the viewer to observe the
impermanence of them, like a slow ceremony which leads to an
inevitable ending. During the exhibition, the disposed elements
advance to their life and death processes, as sprouting and
fermenting seeds, decomposing flowers and proliferating fungus. 

installation Filhxs do Fim is thought as an altar for Death, carrying
symbolisms present in some rituals of African and Asian origins,
themes into which the artist has deepened himself over the last
years, like the presence of the Ouroboros figure, an image that leads
the installation – the end as the beginning.

Ouroboros is a mythological creature, a serpent which swallows its
own tale, forming a circle, and which symbolizes the circle of life,
infinity, change, time, evolution, destruction and renovation. This
ancient symbol is many times associated to the creation of the


of the End started with the perception that the constitution of
America and the people who are in this continent had in their
narratives the passage of an Ending –  in order for their future
and present generations to continue one part of their history had (or
was inflicted) to end  – for instance the genocides and
resistance of indigenous population, African descents from the
diaspora, the European who left the land to colonize, war refugees
from areas that were destroyed by conflicts – The ending as a

Lie is a young artist who is also going on 30 years old in 2018. Over
the last years, he has been participating in important exhibitions in
Brazil and abroad in England, Hungary, Indonesia, Austria, Germany
and Chile. Having “time” as a starting point for his production,
the artist develops works that question tensions between science and
religion, ancestry, present, life and death.

installation “Filhxs do Fim” is a variation of the installation
“Death Center for the Living (2017)”, which was one of the
highlights of the Vienna Festwochen, in 2017. 
the artist also presents a line of ceramics, developed in partnership
with the brand Olive Cerâmica, exclusive for Casa Triângulo.