Abdul Sharif Baruwa at New Jörg / Vienna, Austria

Abdul Sharif Baruwa / Wiping it out softly
March 9-March 30, 2018
New Jörg

Jägerstraße 56
Vienna, Austria 1200

Wiping it out lovely,
The video on the screen shows a mural painting,
„see love wate(r) see“
written on the walls of a broken house
I found love and water, in a
waste container in Vienna,
a few days before travelling
to Creta with a thick brush and well diluted black paint.
The teacher induced the kids
to paint the letters with a soft brush 
in order to enhance their
sensitivity for the subject.
I saw Julius Koller’s
paintings a few years ago in a gallery.
I had met him before in
2003 at the Venice Biennale when I was painting benches white.
school atlas
the western part of Europe,
colorfull and bright
a thick grey line, the iron
There behind, undefined,
Those kind of
imprints last long.
In spite of the
geographical vicinity, I still feel Bratislava connoted by an
unratable distance.
The image dandles with
the melody … see love water see … see love water sea …  
I painted „see“ three times, „love“ and „wate“ 
the R is missing on the wall.
With Edding on the screen, I’m
writing „A“ over the „e“ of two „see’s“
and add „R“ to the „wate“
May I wipe it out,
seems to be daring.
Recently at the bar, I had
gone for the pissoir
A guy came to me and gentily
May I wash my hands?
2+1 for free
on my way home
I’m crossing the bridge, a
young lady yells.
Yellow paper rolls all
over the ground
happy helping hands