Benedikt Bock at AKROKORINTHOU 3 / Athens

Benedikt Bock / Lieber Tiger,Liebes Täubchen, Lieber Blumenstrauss.

 18. – 28.03.2018  

Akrokorinthou 3, 12134 Peristeri, Athens Greece

Photography: Felix Pötzschall 
images copyright and courtesy of Benedikt Bock

FILOXENIA DREAM – Today I´m sleeping on Europa
by Benedikt Bock
(…) I haven´t thought that there are still mattresses with a
spiral spring body existing and I immediately find the image of a spiral spring
visually very appealing. It has a starting point and then it moves in spiral
circles around itself till the end. But the spiral spring as a season of
the year is the reverse of something ending. One could say that the winter ends
but the period where plants start to bloom, acres change from brown to fresh
green, this is the time where skinny thoughts become colorful realisation. It
seems that a spiral spring is more likely a process then a fixed piece of
steel. (…) I´m expecting no solution of this situation constructed by my peeky
customer´s wishes and his negligible supply. But then, out of nowhere, the
mattress maker comes up with an idea. He tells that he wants to show me the
catalogue, because he has one model in mind which is just a bit harder then the
model I tried. We head together to the office and he implies me to sit. I sit.
He takes out a cheap looking brochure. Now he is speaking about Europa and I
don´t get it at all. I ask if I could hold the catalogue myself to have a
closer look, maybe this would help.
On the spread there are five mattresses
presented. The photographs show the mattresses cut open like in the vitrine and
the five models have names. They are called: