Daiga Grantina at Palais de Tokyo / Paris, France

Daiga Grantina / Toll

Curated by Sandra Adam-Couralet

16 February – 09 September 2018

Palais de Tokyo
13, avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris,  France

Daiga Grantina has created a vast sculpture from a range of materials with varying qualities: hard and soft, transparent and opaque. Blended together in a strange and colourful landscape, each one of these materials has a role of its own in this organism that is playful, furious, confused, and a little ‘toll’ (the German term meaning ‘mad’ or ‘astounding’ which lends Grantina’s work its title).

The different elements of this assemblage-sculpture, exhibited in an unfinished and imperfect state, come to life thanks to beams of light that unite the various materials and, in turn, delimit further spaces. The uncontrolled atmosphere takes on a material form through the foam that expands into space, echoing the power of childhood flights of fancy in which tables and whatever materials are to hand suddenly become the stuff of improvised and potentially habitable refuges.

*Photo: André Morin. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris