inside voice harvester at Irene Rose / Brunswick, Australia

inside voice harvester
Tim Bučković, Guy
Church, Rebecca Joseph, Liz Magic Laser, Kate Meakin,
Elizabeth Newman, Victoria Todorov, Michelle Uckotter

Curated by Spencer Lai

February 27th – 24th March, 2018

Irene Rose
1 Wilkinson St
Brunswick, Australia

strewn inside-voice harvest
strewn amongst ruins, inside
voice, harvest

Response unit
Tone harvest

Voice harvest

Animals, minerals, vegetables; with ensnared and tacit approval witholding
brazen smile, un-nuanced quality-unridden, fullness of mead, crosshatched fruit
horn of Plentylife drawing.

staggered falsetto in a silent mind as to the thought of dinner table silence

The contents of a bountiful harvest are strewn in ruins and no words are spoken

inside voice harvester is a selection
of works… imprecision, faltering or wavering control system, an intentionality,
skill and interiority-self undulate, certain tonal, silent quality; strategem
of control and essence of rejection, withholding or refrained, self-imposed