Deep Nation at Kreuzberg Pavillon / Berlin

Deep Nation organised by OMSK Social Club during “Project Space Festival 2018”

9th August 2018

The game was designed by Omsk Social Club and featured Tracey Snelling, Robin Baumgarten, Maya Ben David, Naomi Bisley, Olga Mikh Fedorova, Ed Fornieles, Isabella Fürnkäs, Else (Twin) Gabriel, Grete Gabriel, Hulda Ros Gudnadottir, Tarren Johnson, Tom Kobialka, Farkhondeh Shahroudi and Omsk Social Club.

Naunynstraße 53
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg


The real gameplay is set inside an old casino, designed by Tracey Snelling. The game has twosets of characters one group which is designed by Omsk Social Club and the other which are designed by individual artists.

Deep Nation is set in a time that is post-currency, post-work and post-life. Old casinos,
supermarkets and cinemas have been ripped out by autonomous gangs seeking cultural shelter for their own progressive ideologies. The world is built on cult-like groups devoid of leadership nobody knows how they got here, it’s like they all suffer from collective amnesia. 

Deep Nation
Identities are the new cult collective platforms for autonomous life experiences. They are fuelled by communal hope are heavily trending in the New Left.

It’s 2021 its only been a few weeks since everyone “woke-up” or at least that’s what they are
calling it. People came out of their houses to find a world post-money but in turn, they also
found there to be no work and no need for work. Life had been automated, food was grown
harvested and prepared by machines but the machines had no interest in aesthetics hence the world had gone to shit. A few weeks ago people started to “wake” from a deep slumber nobody knew how long they had been sedated on machinic hosting but they had been a surge in trying to accelerate aesthetic structures once more. It was not enough just to survive anymore.

Deep Nation is more than it seems, there are whispers in the community that it’s all a hoax set up by the Nation-State television company or even worse that they are all dead. Living in
purgatory. The players must use unorthodox auxiliary in order to shape the world that they live in techniques such as gossip, rumour, gift-giving, compliance, mimicry, comedy, remote control, meaningless, misdirection, distraction, hacking, entrepreneurism, hijacking and infowars are all common practices in Deep Nation.

Physical – Bar Person
Meta – Black Market and The internet

Sexual Selection
Gender Flux
Survival Mortality

Chronic Optimism

Images Courtesy of Piotr Pietrus and Omsk Social Club.