BE:YO:ND at Plus-One / Antwerp, Belgium

BE:YO:ND at Plus-One

20 October – 25 November 2018

Gillaume Bijl
Nicholas William Johnson
Stephanie Hier
Vivien Zhang

Léon Stynenstraat 21
2000, Antwerpen


We live in a network culture. The current times are no longer easy to define with a set of intellectual ideas, such as modernism or postmodernism. Whereas historiography often defines periods of time with a clear beginning and end, this is no longer true. Information is freely accessible for everyone, and only a few clicks away. Content is also easier to create and share. This shift in mentality not only has an impact on the acquiring and sharing of information, or on our daily practices, but also on art. The four artists in BE:YO:ND research a contemporary link to history, and the relevance of time, repetition and re-appropriation for the present day. Most importantly, their subjects and techniques are working around the atemporal current times: the present is no longer a place in a linear time scheme, but rather a collaging of past and future. As a consequence, their works are characterized by ambiguity, and potential. They go beyond fixed meanings or motifs to research the possibility of alternative meanings.