Rashid Uri at LOCALEDUE / Bologna & GAFFdabasso / Milan



September 29 – 17 November, 2018


Via Azzo Gardino 12 C
40123, Bologna

MONO is a project focused on a single work.
It creates the conditions for not considering
the signification obtained by the object through the 
knowledge of the artist, the logic of the show
and its specific context.
The intent of MONO is therefore the experiment
of a direct contact with newborn works, aimed at 
understanding their possible future identity
in a universal context.
During the 2018-19 season, MONO offers 5
unpublished works and organizes as many moments 
of public reflection, in which a critic reads
the object of analysis without considering factors that do 
not derive from the appearance and substance
of the work itself.
For each work a small publication is issued
which consists of two interdependent parts. The visual 
documentation is proposed at the time of
presentation, the transcription of the critical intervention 
at the end of the analysis period.
The form of MONO is that of an exercise,
considered necessary to revive the construction of a 
critical thought that is not supported or
influenced by the systemic narratives of contemporary 
thought and imagery. It doesn’t want to be an
invective against such instruments of diffusion and 
calcification of meaning and power, rather the
proposal of a possible counterpoint.
MONO is self-produced by LOCALEDUE, curated by
Fabio Farnè and Gabriele Tosi. The visual 
communication of the project is realized by
the artist Marco Casella. The first appointment of 
MONO with is the work od Rashid Uri.
He creates synthetic and ephemeral spaces and
structures that are constantly looking for a state of 
isolation and static. Minimalism is a
physiological consequence.
His practice manifests itself as an obsessive
search for physical evidence of paradoxes, hence the 
use of extremely fragile and at the same time
long and rigid materials.
‘Between zero and one’ is an installation
designed to modify the gallery space in a physical and 
mental refuge.


Rashid Uri / 20:00 > 00:01

October 5 – 17 November, 2018


Via Franchino Gaffurio 8

20124, Milano 

00:01. It is the time constituency that calls the site-specific project of
Rashid Uri for his first solo show in Milan
On 29 September Rashid
Uri opened the new exhibition cycle (MONO) in Bologna, LOCALEDUE, with the work
At GAFFdabasso, on the contrary it closes as the last artist an exhibition
cycle lasting over ten years and on the occasion of Spazi 2018. 
The two projects are conceived as two different communicating environments,
distant and close in an extreme reflection between space and time.

Selected solo and group shows:
[curated by Manor Grunewald – The Stable, Waregem, Belgium]; 
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Kristian Touborg and Soren Sejr – KH7 Art Space, Aarhus, DENMARK]
EXERCISE #19 [text by
Gianluca Peluffo – Studio ZERO85, Pescara, ITALY]; 
Strange Arrangement [with Alexander Policek – Mental Space, Essen, GERMANY]
I’ll be back in a moment [with Andrey Bogush, curated by Marialuisa Pastò – BID PROJECT Gallery, Milano, ITALY]; HIGHER STATE OF
[Paris, FRANCE]; Sound [Wysing Arts
Centre, curated by SAVORR – Cambridge, ENGLAND]; Difference & Repetition [Foothold, curated by Like a Little Disaster – Polignano a Mare (BA), ITALY]
MERCUTIO’S CLOSET [Bazis, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA]