Day In, Day Out at Tile / Milan

Day In, Day Out

December 4th 2018 – January 25th 2019

Participating artists: Guendalina Cerruti, Giulio Scalisi, Agnese
Smaldone, Alice Visentin with a short story by
Clara Mazzoleni

Tile Project Space
Via Garian 64
20100 Milan

Tile project space is pleased to
present Day in, Day Out, a collective
exhibition that explores the emergingin the recent times of a particular form
of sensitivity that finds expression in the research of particular states of
intensity and authenticity. Specifically conceived for the exhibition, the
works of Guendalina Cerruti, Giulio Scalisi, Agnese Smaldone and Alice Visentin
showcase an emotional experience with the aim of reevaluatingthose human
conditions that have been discouraged by the common thought because they are
considered obsolete and untimely.
Day in, Day Out refers to one of the expressions used to describe an ongoing activity.
In particular, the American writer David Foster Wallace uses it to address the
work of routine that leads the human being toward a general state of emotional
frustration. Promoter in the nineties of a ‘new literary sincerity’, the author
calls for the revaluation of principles ‘devoid of double meaning’, seeking an
essence based on sensitive correspondence and not on socially standardized
moral precepts. Fragility, emotionality, sincerity, inadequacyand authenticity
are some of the conditions staged in the show and within which one seeks to
represent itself through the discovery of new iconographic references. In this
context human action and its performative expression escapes from the request
for an efficient individual performance to give space to the manifestation of
an interiority communicated without artifices and calculations. Furthermore
irony, considereda tool of cynicism anda protection for a disillusioned ego,
becomes now a device tocommunicate with the other. The artists explore the
potentiality of recognizing themselves as ‘sincere’ and ‘fragile’ as ithappens
in particular moments of our growth (es adolescence, a thirty year crisis) in
which each individual collides with itself, both violently and passively, to
shape its individuality.
(Milano, 1992) lives and works in London. She takes her BA in Visual Arts at
NABA, Milan and the MA at Royal College of Art, London.
Among the group shows: That’s it, sull’ultima generazione di artisti in Italia e un metro e
ottanta oltre il confine
, curated by Lorenzo Balbi, MAMbo, Museo d’Arte
Moderna di Bologna, Bologna (2018), L’isola
, curated by Caterina Molteni, ADA, Roma (2018), From Baby to Bull, collaborative
exhibition and performance with Jaana-Kristina Alakoski, JJ Lincoln project,
London (2018), Herland, Bosse &
Baum, London (2017), St.James,
curated by Bianca Stoppani, Menaggio (2016). Solo shows: Love You. Bye, Studiolo, Milan (2017), Guendalina Cerruti, Studiolo, Milan (2015).
Giulio Scalisi
(Salemi, 1992) lives and works in Milan. In 2014, he takes his BA in Visual
Arts at NABA, Milan and in 2016 a MA in Visual Arts at Écal, Lausanne. Among
the group shows: Good Guys (Gran Riserva), Gasconade, Roma; tAPC/the Artist’s
PC, Le Botanique Centre Culturel, Bruxells; Cali Gold Rush, Lucie Fontaine,
Milan; Life is a Bed of Roses, Fondation Ricard, Paris; Homesick, T-Space,
Milan. His first solo show AlgheRomantiche, was in 2017 at Tile Project Space,
Agnese Smaldone (Rho, 1996)lives and works between Milano andParabiago. She attended
the BA in Painting and Visual Arts at NABA.
Among the group shows: Estate, Residenza La Fornace, Spinod’Adda (2018), Where Plato Taught, Academiae youth art
biennial, Fortezza (2018), The Ultimate
, Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milan (2018), The Call to Adventure, Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milan (2018).
Visentin (Ciriè, 1993)
lives and works in Turin.
She attended the MA in Paintingat Albertina Fine Art Academy in Turin where she
graduated with Marco Cingolani. In 2016 she founded the artist-run space
Spaziobuonasera together with Lula Broglio, EdoardoPiermattei, Erik Saglia and
Francesco Snote.
Among the group shows: Sauvage group show curated by Sonia
D’Alto, Dom, Palermo,
group show curated by Caterina Molteni, ADA project, Roma,Allenamento#1, group show, Basis Showroom, Frankfurt am Main,
Frankfurt, Artagon, The international
encounter of art schools, group show, Paris. Her fist solo showPrima Persona Singolare was in 2017 at
Tile Project Space, Milan.