Henry Gunderson at Castiglioni / Milan

Henry Gunderson / Echoes in the Neurochamber
In collaboration with Carl Kostyal

May 2 – 28 June 2019

Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 1 
20123 Milan, Italy 

Castiglioni, in collaboration with Carl Kostyal, is pleased to present “Echoes in the Neurochamber”, first solo show in Milan by Henry Gunderson (b.1990).

For the exhibition, Gunderson presents a selection of unpublished works: four emblematic and vouyeristic reproductions of components and / or details Personal Computers.

The artist attempt to go through the intimacy and technology function of these lifeless objects showing them from afar, taking the mout of their natural context; whereby their peculiarities become aesthetic details which the artist can intervene on, altering and making them elements that let the viewer humanize the object in the canvas.

A short circuit is created and it causes a sense of alienation within the works.

The computer, the basic element on which our contemporaneity is founded, becomes an element of anxiety: It became a reflection on the close correlation between us and our dependence to digital technologies.

Henry Gunderson’s works are a psychological reflection through his aesthetics on the contemporary. They are rigorous works and rich in details that give us a dissonant specter of emotions ranging from funny to disturbing, without ever losing their accuracy.