What we saw at ARCOlisboa 2019. Here are the booths that we liked the most.

Just after the opening of the Venice biennale we arrived at the fourth edition of ARCOlisboa, and the first with Maribel López as director. Between the Art Libris section, the Meeting of Museums, and the art talks (highlight the one organized by Filipa Oliveira – What I am Working On?) we choose out favorite booths.

Larisa Sitar, Eugen Rosca and Indrikis Gelzis

bombon projects
A project by Enric Farrés Durán with the collaboration of Lara Fluxà, Angela de la Cruz, Jordi Mitjà, Josep Maynou, Bernat Daviu, Anna Dot, Olarn Chiaravanont, Rafael G. Bianchi and Xavi Ristol

Rodriguez Gallery

Dalila Gonçalves, Jimena Kato and Michael Smandek

narrative projects

Délio Jasse and Carlos Noronha Feio 

Galeria Nuno Centeno
Adriano Amaral, Adriano Costa, Blake Rayne, Carolina Pimienta, Dan Rees, Gabriel Lima, Lydia Okumura, Mauro Cerqueira, Philippe Van Snick and Secundino Hernández 

Jahmek Contemporary Art
Tiago Borges

Raúl Hevia


Gema Rupérez and Pablo Barreiro

Photo credits for Galeria Nuno Centeno: Bruno Lopes