Jorge Diezma at Galería Alegría / Madrid, Spain

Jorge Diezma / Lo más granado

8 June – 8 July, 2019

Galería Alegría
C/ Doctor Fourquet, 35
28012 Madrid, Spain 

If a painting is a window, a tiny painting is a tiny window. The smaller the window, the bigger the difference between the worlds that it separates; this explains why looking through a keyhole is the ultimate form of voyeurism.
It is as if, in order to see something intimate, we inevitably have to peek through a tiny gap. One gets the impression that if the window gradually got bigger, then the worlds that it separates would slowly become the same, until, if they were to merge, we would be left with nothing but an empty white loft, with little to look at.

The idea of putting together a series that includes what we like the most, both aesthetically and emotionally, is present in the mixtapes that we make for ourselves and for our pals, as well as in the collages of images plastered over teenagers’ school folders. With this series of tiny paintings, I am trying to do exactly that.