Crouch, Bind, Set at CCA Andratx / Mallorca

Crouch, Bind, Set by Filippo Marzocchi

Curated by Giovanni Rendina

Sound Design by Daniele Guerrini

May 26th 2019 

CCA Andratx 
Carrer S’estanyera, 2
07150 Andratx

Crouch, Bind, Set is a performance by the artist Filippo Marzocchi that re-contextualizes the game of rugby within an exhibition space. Through the use of game tactics, the artist creates a spatialized sound installation by employing 24 professional rugby players to carry speakers as they enact a choreographed interpretation of the sport. The performance, curated by Giovanni Rendina, is hosted by CCA Andratx, an international contemporary art center based in Mallorca. 

Rugby is intended by the artist as a playful re-enactment of war. Indeed, the aim of this sport is to dominate and gain ground through physical strength. In the same way, the work reflects on aspects of machismo often found in artistic practice and how the artist uses the exhibition spaces to affirm his personality. 

Crouch, Bind, Set is a continuation of a performance practice that Marzocchi has been exploring for several years in which the artist involves groups of people. These groups of people are often a part of small communities as in this case, a rugby team. Depending on the occasion, the dynamics of the community in question are used, subverted or declined by the artist in different ways in order to effect the observer through the production of sound and movement.

The sound is designed by the composer Daniele Guerrini.

Filippo Marzocchi (1989) is a transmedia artist, lives and works in Bologna. 
He is co-founder and co-director of the independent art space Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Bologna.  He presented his work in personal and collective shows in institutions, galleries and independent spaces such as: Zabludowicz Collection, London (UK); Live Arts Week VIII, Bologna (IT); IIC Institute Italien de Culture de Paris (FR); PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Torino (IT); Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (IT); Fondazione Zucchelli, Bologna (IT); LOCALEDUE, Bologna (IT); MAMbo, Bologna (IT). Amongst residency programs, he participated to: Progetto Borca, Dolomiti Contemporanee (IT); Performing SantaCaterina, Foligno (IT); ManufattoinSitu, Viaindustriae (IT).

Giovanni Rendina (1991) is an Italian independent curator. Studied Curating and Collections at Chelsea College of Arts. Currently attending a PHD at Università del Molise. Recent curated projects include: A slump, Andrew Mealor, Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio, Bologna 2017. Do you come here often?, Mattia Pajè, Ponte Sanguinario, Spoleto, 2017. Cassata Drone, g. olmo stuppia, Maria D Rapicavoli, Raqs Media Collective, Stefano Cagol, Palermo, 2018. Shutter, Rob Chavasse, Tripla, Bologna 2019.

Crouch, Bind, Set is made with the support of the program MOVIN’UP SPETTACOLO – PERFORMING ARTS 2018/2019 MOVIN’UP SPETTACOLO – PERFORMING ARTS 2018/2019 promoted by Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC) – General Directorate for Performing Arts and Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists (GAI) together with Association Young Italian Artists of Emilia-Romagna (GA/ER)

The performance is supported by MACRON and Galeria Fran Reus

Rugby Club Ponent

Cover Artwork
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier

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