George Crîngașu at Horizont / Budapest

George Crîngaşu / Devonian Leap

September 11 – 6 November 2019

Horizont Gallery
Zichy Jenő u. 32
H-1066 Budapest

The future was modern archaic, contemporary is a myth and like all great myths it bares the test of time through moral consequence. The creative stance took a full bite of hard reset and reverted itself to a past instance.  
For this we go back…. Way back, in the order of hundreds of millions of years, a billion asteroid events back, we go back on ourselves, on societal norms and on recent history.  
We repeat our personal, social, historical (recent and primal) narratives like countless others have done before. A time based network that churns out our history as a species, convoluted and biased and beautiful. 
The past is the only true reference point we have : light from the stars, carbon from the fossils, documents from centuries past, photos from today.  
Working in absolute themes 
The present is always referential 
Devonian leap is a series dedicated to the power of corrosion as it is seen manifested within the geological, anthropological, social timelines. Malnourished generational knowledge transfer, chastised digital aquiescence, regression therapy, insidious chromatics and other buzzwords.  
It also stands for a shift in focus towards a particular segment in the sky, it brings together a concentrated dose within my own timeline. At this point you are amphibian, the land seems promising, the water still nourishing.

George Crîngașu lives and works between Rome, Italy and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His practice focuses on data de/recontextualization, with work ranging from installation and video to print and painting. The artist’s work has been exhibited in venues such as: Nicodim Gallery, Bucharest; Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara; Athens Digital Art Festival, Greece; Liste Art Fair, Basel.