Lauren Coullard at Palomar Projects / Paris

Lauren Coullard / Fleuriste Val de Roses
Curated by Elena Cardin

13 October – 30 November, 2019

Palomar Projects
14 Rue de Belleville
75020, Paris

“I think there is a dragon among us today, growing in such proportions
that it is becoming increasingly difficult to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.
This dragon inhabits the rupture we created between the world and our
imagination.” (Tim Ingold, Marcher avec les dragons, 2013)
For its first
edition, Palomar Projects is pleased to present a solo show of French artist
Lauren Coullard at Fleuriste Val de Roses, a florist in Belleville.
Inspired by the nature and history of the site located in one of the
most vibrant Asian
neighborhoods of Paris, Lauren Coullard presents a new series of paintings in which we
find one of her favorite
 figures immersed in
lush and magical landscapes: the Dragon. An archetypal creature, the dragon has
crossed the imaginations of different periods and latitudes, from ancient
Greece and Rome, to Arabia, China and many other civilizations. Although
Western culture has imagined the dragon as mainly evil and now relegates it to
the infantile world of childhood, in Chinese cosmogony it has an essentially
positive magical power. Dragons are
 associated with Yang,
one of the two creative principles of the world, to which development, light,
momentum and warmth correspond. Thus, in Lauren Coullard’s paintings we have
the impression that even if “we do not know the meaning of the dragon as
that of the universe, there is something in its image that is in harmony with
the imagination of men, it is, so to speak, a necessary monster,” (J. L.
Borges, Book of Imaginary Beings, 1957).
holds a Masters of Fine Art from Chelsea
College of Art in London. She is currently exhibiting at the Lily Robert
Gallery until October 30, 2019. She has recently exhibited at Galerie
Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois (Paris); Art Vilnius (LT); Kunstwerk
Carlshütte (DE); Center For Recent Drawing, ICA and Gallery 46 in London;  the Salon de Montrouge (Paris); the Zoo
Galerie (Nantes); La Tôlerie (Clermont-Ferrand); La Générale (Paris); Sillicone
Malley (Lausanne); Art Brussels; and Peter Bergman Gallery in Stockholm. Lauren
Coullard is co-founder of DOC! in Paris.
is a curatorial project initiated by Elena
Cardin. Offsite and nomadic, it consists of a series of solo presentations
exploring the narrative potential of atypical and eccentric places located in
and around Paris.

Elena Cardin (Italy, 1989) is a curator and writer based between Paris
(FR) and Venice (IT). She previously worked as Hors-les-murs program curator at
Parc Saint Léger – Contemporary art center and as artistic director assistant
for the 57th Venice Biennale.
She is a regular contributor
of various art magazine including Zéro/2, Artpress and Aware magazine. She
currently works as guest curator at Orange Rouge (session 2020 – 2021).