EJTECH / All direction is curved, all motion is spiral

October 25 – November 30

Képíró utca 6
1053 Budapest

Photography by Dávid Bíró

Sensorial perception, while allowing us
to navigate through the world, tricks us into the illusion of an
individualized, isolated state of being, erroneous and commonly accepted as a
subjective reality. We cannot see our reflection in the mirror unless we are
distant from it. When examining the most fundamental threads that weave the
fabric of reality through quantum mechanics, there is no separation between the
subject and the object, there is one unified phenomenon known as quantum

Michel Serres depicts tissue, textile and fabric as excellent models of
knowledge through perceptual experience. EJTECH investigates the interweaving
of sound, space, time, and matter as textile structures, via textile
instruments, where the spatiotemporal characteristics of the sound manifest as
a material agency and are used as building blocks to create a space within a
space, a dialogue between the inner and the outer self. Through multichannel
compositions an ephemeral acoustic environment incarnates and encourages
corporal hearing, this being active listening, not only through the ear canals
but consciously perceiving sound with the body. The only way out is through.
All direction is curved, all motion is
is a site specific installation that reshapes the gallery space by
performative means of textiles, spirals, sound and light. Each room is a layer,
an agency of mutual constitutions intra-acting. All sound is emitted by the
textiles allowing matter to perform itself, unfolding unexplored spatial
distances, meditating presence, articulating time, generating a new kind of
awareness that reorganizes patterns of behaviour, thus defining a way of
sensing and engaging with the environment that hangs at the threshold of
consciousness and perception. Via the sonorous-textile phenomena, by
deliberately setting matter into controlled motion, sound wave constellations
materialize in ever changing geometric paths inviting the visitor to passively
act on the spiritual practice of experiencing reality in layers of emerging
patterns. Things made of smaller things. Spirals inside spirals.

Esteban de la Torre – new media and sound artist (MEX, 1984) and Judit Eszter
Kárpáti – textile artist and researcher (HU, 1989) formed EJTECH /’eightech’/
in 2014, a polydisciplinary studio working with unstable media, experimental
interfaces, electronic textiles, and future materials, focusing its artistic
research on the crossmodal synergy between the physical and digital, the process
of sensory integration and further explorations on human-computer interaction
via interactive installations and dynamic art pieces. Haptic audiovisual
alchemy, and technospiritualism. EJTECH investigates sensorial and conceptual
relationships between the self and its physical surroundings, which distributed
through a variety of human, material and technological agencies, give new
resonance to a dynamic, and evolving layered realities. Textile, sound, space
and other unstable media are paramount in all of their work. The material force
of sound and the materiality of textiles are key elements in their practice.
The duo is currently based in Budapest. web: http://ejtech.cc/