Gabriele Beveridge at Native / Perpignan, France

Gabriele Beveridge / New Works

11 September – 24 September

Native Perpignan

2bis rue des Cardeurs

text by Bitsy Knox

My dearest friends, you killed us with your love

Birthed us into a window to see through
You see,
Stillness is an impossibility
But we’ll do our best to maintain the pose
For the makers 
They labour on the outskirts, they’re makers

Of Interfaces, makers of gluten, and 
Droplets, makers of rotten fruit light, and 
Makers of sweet things written in sun ink

                                   Who hold

                                         The technology of ancient remnants
                                                  Of dinner, ash, crumbs, and early mornings 
                                                  Essentially an art of containment

                                                       However unarmed 

Glassmakers are wizards who translate heat

Perform accidents of love and play tricks

Who produce darkness but never a void 
A void, single mass, dense immensity 
In it, there are innumerable globes 
                                   That challenge flatness

No one here’s cast in the other’s likeness
We’re cast by way of the forms we wear for others
You see,

          We’re not alone, but in symbiosis
                  Alone together

                            In serial appraisal 

Bitsy Knox