Lukas Janitsch at unttld contemporary / Vienna

Lukas Janitsch / Petra

October 25th – December 20th

unttld contemporary
Schleifm├╝hlgasse 5
Vienna, Austria

In his new workcycle, the artist Lukas Janitsch presents a form of stone cutting, developed by him,
which, by adding new materials such as polyester and the combination of historical craft techniques
such as
opus sectile and commesso di pietre dure, represents a reinterpretation of the same method.

In his search for rock material with often cultural-historical significance, Janitsch has combed the
abandoned quarries, mountain massifs and most remote rivers of Austria over the last two years.

In his working process Janitsch is guided by the material. Only through frequent grinding and
polishing the stone reveals its abundance of colours and structures, motifs emerge from associations
and reactions and the result plays with the aesthetic expectations placed on stone as a cold,
inorganic material.