Virginia Lee Montgomery at Lawndale Art Center / Houston

Virginia Lee Montgomery / SKY LOOP

18, 2020 – MARCH 29, 2020

Exhibition essay, The Butterfly Effect, by Wendy Vogel.

4912 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77002


SKY LOOP is an immersive, four-channel film installation exploring VLM’s firsthand experience weathering Hurricane Harvey from a metaphysical feminist perspective. The installation interweaves video imagery of violent, whirling hurricanes mediated by healing flows of honey, filmed footage of textured bayou sand sifting between the hands of Houston women, and a poetic film depicting a surrealist’s incantation of hope—whereby native Texas butterflies, placed over the image of hurricane, hatch and beat their wings to conjure a “Butterfly Effect” of positive climatic change. The exhibition also includes two interactive sculptures. Visitors are encouraged to sit beside a 100lb whirlpool stone suspended by a large pad of blue memory-foam or climb into VLM’s vintage family canoe, as she did with her mother, during Hurricane Harvey’s wake. In totality, SKY LOOP facilitates a swirling contemplation of hurricanes, hope, and healing.