Léo Fourdrinier at Galerie Axolotl / Toulon

Léo Fourdrinier 

1 February – 20 March 

Galerie Axolotl / Toulon
23 Rue Nicolas Laugier

Call me Mister Fahrenheit.

In a poetic attempt to make science accessible, as if he wanted to turn us into supersonic men, Léo Fourdrinier offers a parallel between a pulsating star and the emotional turmoil of someone in love.
The lyrical character of this scientific quest rouses intense personal emotions, feelings sometimes relating to love, sometimes to death, often to communion with nature, occasionally to time flying by.
Due to the interdependency between works in the «Pulse» selection, we are left at the mercy of his holistic vision conveying this elegant fragility, which specifically constitutes our world.
Rather like apocryphal texts, and as if he wanted its pulsating to cease, he embeds the star’s transient nature in marble. Playing the part of an alchemist while altering the matter’s intimate structure, the infinitesimal beauty of insignificant objects, in order to transform them, make them poetic, sacred. Cathartic or mythological, one might say, on catching sight at dusk of the long hair of Lady Godiva mounting her horse.
Slowly but surely, we move on from a feeling of depression, like Paul Éluard experiencing pain like a ray of sunshine in cold water, soon making way for a sensation of ecstasy as described by Queen, I’m burning through the sky […], I’m traveling at the speed of light.

«Pulse» defies the centre of gravity of our convictions.

Text by Julien Carbone