Linda Semadeni at Kirchgasse / Steckborn

Linda Semadeni 

18.04 – 13.06.2020

Steckborn, Switzerland

that roll, nudge, pause, flicker and blink. This process is persistently
prolonged, repeated and, as such, cannot be consciously controlled.
Semadeni’s work demands that viewers look more intently in order to develop an
awareness of processes and structures that naturally accompany our actions and
thinking because they are learned, incorporated or inscribed.
and physical persistence serves here as a course of action. Combined with a
fascination that picks up on stringencies, certainties, restrictions and
dogmas, exposing and questioning them, Linda Semadeni turns the tables and
takes it upon herself to over- and re-write these. Program or be programmed.
transfers these processes to the uncanny before they become controllable and
autonomous. She nudges, derails, changes lanes. Spaces open up and zones of
disorder and rearrangement emerge; these move on a narrow line and in an
interplay between disinhibition and control. They culminate in works that
display lively excerpts from a rush of created possibilities and trigger
is Linda Semadeni’s first solo exhibition in Kirchgasse. Most recently, her
work has been presented at Schloss (Oslo), Up State (Zurich), Karma
International (Zurich), Shanaynay (Paris) and Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur.